Sental Siente Natural

“We are Sental, a fruit derivatives food industry that promotes a physically and emotionally healthy life, committed to social transformation through a value chain of the highest technical and human quality.”


We produce 100% natural foods derived from fruits, which promote a high-quality lifestyle of consumers and producers, and promote a good attitude based in healthy diet.

Promise of Value

We are a company committed to the transformation of the countryside and consumption, through fruit-based foods; We are characterized by human quality, in the processes, and in a 100% natural end product that generates health and abundance from the producer in the field, to a well-fed and happy end customer.


Position our natural fruit-based products in the national and international market, as well as the philosophy of dignifying humanity through good nutrition and good feelings.

Corporate Values

  • Our work team is a family; it is interdisciplinary and full of good energy.
  • The commitment to quality and society is what moves us.
  • We work to create a positive Impact in the field, and in food.